Women's Leather Coat 1915MDRZ

  • -₺1,500
Our product is produced using 1 class lambskin, so it has a very soft structure and is at the forefront with softness and durability due to the feature of lambskin. Due to the flexibility of the leather, the quality has been maximized by using interlining interlining. You can use our products with peace of mind for many years, including frequent use and daily use, and you can get all kinds of maintenance and support help by contacting us directly even for the smallest problems. All products you buy from our store or from our site are covered by our warranty. Our products that you can take with you at every moment of your life with superior quality and craftsmanship are produced in Turkey by modarz. Thank you for choosing MODARZ. your comments are very valuable to us, we would be very happy if you make positive points and comments:) we wish you healthy and happy days. do not forget to follow us to be informed about campaigns.